Q. What days are you open?

A. Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Sunday 9am till 4pm

Q. Do you make your doughnuts fresh every day?

A. 100%

Q. Do you have a store

A. Not yet, but we are looking for that perfect spot to call home (or Haus). For the meantime you can purchase them from our partner company Kookie Haus or order online for delivery.

Q. Do you deliver?

A. Yes we do, but only to certain Auckland areas - see post code finder at checkout or contact us (09) 281-0463

Q. What days do you deliver?

A. Tuesday- Sunday

Q. Can I request a delivery time?

A. Unfortunately not, delivery times are anywhere between 8:30am - 5pm. If you have not received your order after 3pm, please contact us immediately

Q. What is the best way to order?

A. Through our website, email or phone (09) 281-0463.

Q. Where do I pick my doughnuts up from?

A. Our partner company, Kookie Haus which is located at 2/20 Pooks road, Ranui 0612

Q. Do you offer corporate deals?

A. Yes absolutely, email us info@doughnuthaus.com

Q. Do you make mini doughnuts?

A. Yes we do but these are by custom orders only. Email us info@doughnuthaus.com

Q. Do you have a phone number I can call?

A. Yes you can call our partner company Kookie Haus on (09) 281-0463 to see what flavours they have instore.

Q. How are your doughnuts different from every other place?

A. Our doughnuts are a sourdough dough, which means the dough has a slight sourness taste to it and are slightly chewy + ours will be the most filled doughnut you ever have.

Q. What brands do you use for your fillings and glazes/toppings?

A. Belcolade & Whittakers chocolate, a lot of Barkers of Geraldine products (Caramel sauce, strawberry filling, apple filling, jams) Dandies marshmallows, Nu dairy food cream cheese, Natural confectionary candies

Q. Do you use food colourings? 

A. We do use a minimum amount for some flavours but we try not to over do it and use natural colours where possible (ie jams, fruit/vegetable purees)

Q. Are they Gluten free?

A. Definitely not

Q. Are they keto/ diabetic friendly?

A. Hell no

Q. Are they nut free?

A. We use nut free friendly ingredients, and offer "Nutless flavours" but they are not made in a nut free environment and they may contain traces

Q. Are they vegan / plant based?

A. 100%

Q. What makes them vegan / plant based?

A. There is NO animal products used in them

Q. What oil do you use/fry them in?

A. Canola